What is Glamour Photography? Ottawa Glamour Beauty Photography

What is glamour photography, you may ask? Sometimes there is confusion about what it is. Until the later half of the 20th century glamour photography was usually referred to as erotic photography, but standards and styles of glamour photography change over time, reflecting for example changes in social acceptance and taste. These days, thanks to a “beauty movement” by a New Zealand photographer Sue Bryce (who is well known in the portrait photography world), glamour photography has been reinvented once again — this time with a contemporary, fashion-inspired look. It is about celebrating a woman’s beauty, style and femininity, while looking and feeling like a glamourous supermodel for the day. Bryce believes “beauty is not on the outside, it’s something that shines out when you love who you are”.
Case in point, meet Madame V, a woman who exudes both glamour and style. She wanted to give her husband a very special gift for Valentine’s Day — the gift of her. The moment she unzipped her garment bag and revealed a gorgeous blue sequin Kate Spade dress, the glam factor was at the MAX! Her eyes sparkled for the camera just like the sequins on her dress. THIS is Je M’adore Fine Art Portraits definition of glamour photography:

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