Well I blinked and it’s October! Ottawa Boudoir PinUp Glamour Photographer

Well I blinked and suddenly it’s October! How did that happen? Didn’t school JUST start yesterday? Oh well, fine with me because Fall is my favorite season! I even like to spell it with a capital F because it is so freakn’ fabulous! I love this time of year and get so excited for leather boots & jackets, the Fall colours, Halloween, and sipping salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. I’ve been in the biz of portrait photography for a while, but I’d love to give you more insight into me and my business.

I have many passions in life. The main one is obviously photography but it has transformed into something more, something deeper and more meaningful. My passion has transformed into empowering women THROUGH photography. If you follow my Facebook page and even my blog here, you’ll read actual accounts of my female clients’ experiences and how their photography sessions changed them for the better by making them see themselves in a whole new light. It’s quite astounding and incredibly rewarding. But in addition to main business page, I started a VIP group on Facebook with the intent of helping women even more. It’s called the je m’adore fine art portraits VIP GROUP. In this group (for women only), I not only share client experiences but also my own personal ones. There will always be a large variety of things that I share and post about, but it all comes back to women. My personal goal is to empower every woman that comes through my studio door, but all of us can empower each other in other ways too:
> Women supporting women
> Women letting other women know they’re not alone
> Women sharing laughs and our day to day struggles
> Connecting with each other

This is the most awesome time of year because it brings people together. There are so many opportunities to be with friends and family: Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches, Halloween… So many reasons to laugh, smile and share. And with chilly weather there’s even more reason just stay in for a movie night with hot, buttered popcorn! My personal favourite!

If you would like to join a group of women who support women, share laughs/struggles/experiences, then join my VIP group, where we discuss everything under the sun (with NO judgement) and I delve deeper into the whole experience of beauty and boudoir portraiture and how it can benefit you. I might even have some giveaways when I’m in the mood! 😉

JOIN HERE —> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603189209761312/

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