Social Media and its Impact on our Lives – Ottawa Boudoir Photography

“Don’t live for the approval of others. Document the moments you’re most in love with YOURSELF, not just the moments you think people will love the most.” Jay Shetty

Isn’t it funny how the internet and social media has changed our lives? We connect with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. But how many are true, deep connections that really matter? We thought it would unite us, but has it? I don’t think so. Some people end up living two different lives: the life they portray on social media and life as it really is. Social media has become the impossible quest of advertising yourself as having the perfect life, the perfect partner or the perfect family. Nothing in life is perfect. The filters that are supposed to “improve” our images, end up being a mask.

A friend of mine, newly single again after his second divorce, asked me how he’s supposed to meet someone online if all they show is a snapchat-filter version of who they want people to see. People are too often obsessed with the physical beauty that they don’t focus enough on what really matters: what’s on the inside, being a decent human being who is offering love and a connection to their soul.

I’m so glad social media wasn’t around when I was a kid but I’m scared of its impact on the new generation.

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