Retro Pinup: “Reinforce the confidence in who I am”

What is a retro pinup session?

An Ottawa retro pinup photoshoot with Je m’adore fine art portraits is a timeless and artful celebration of feminine allure and confidence. Inspired by the iconic imagery of the mid-20th century, it captures the essence of retro glamour, emphasizing flirtatious poses, classic hairstyles, and vintage wardrobe choices. Whether in a studio or a carefully curated location, the atmosphere is imbued with a sense of playful nostalgia. The model exudes a radiant self-assuredness, embodying the spirit of an era known for its elegance and grace. The resulting images are a fusion of modern photography techniques and a nod to the past, creating striking visuals that evoke a sense of both empowerment and enchantment. A pinup session is a delightful journey into a bygone era, where every frame tells a story of confidence, charm, and the enduring appeal of classic beauty.

Ottawa PinUp Boudoir Photographer
Vintage Glam with Bettie Page Lingerie from Playful Promises

Q: What’s going on in your life right now that motivated you to do a session?

Miss T: I’m on a bit of a “bucket list” kick. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve struggled with my mental health. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot because of it. While I still have my days, I’m at a point where I feel like I’m finally gaining confidence in who I am and finally going for all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a lover of all things retro/vintage. I have always felt like an old soul in a young body, like I was born in the wrong generation. Being a retro pinup was definitely one of those things that I absolutely needed to do!

Q: Besides beautiful photographs, what else did you hope to get out of the experience?

Miss T: There is no one measure for success in life, and no perfect timeline. I’ve struggled to accept this and always felt like an outcast around people my own age. My interests, educational/career goals, and personal goals don’t necessarily align with those of most people in their 20s. As a result I’ve really kept to myself over the years. This retro pinup photoshoot was really personal for me. It was a way to reinforce that confidence in who I am.

Q: How long had you been considering doing a shoot before you booked yours? What was the final push? What did it feel like to finally book your session?

Miss T: I had wanted to do a session for years and felt like it was all I talked about! I’m fascinated by the world of retro pinup and have always dreamed of being a model. The final push was my boyfriend gifting me the session for Christmas. When I finally booked it, I couldn’t wait to start looking for inspiration and planning my outfits. 

Q: Before your retro pinup session, how would you describe your relationship with your body, your beauty and your sensuality?

Miss T: It was very rough in my younger years, but I’ve worked hard to improve that. While there’s still things I don’t love about myself, I’ve learned to accept what I can’t change. I developed more of a neutral opinion. I’ve become a strong believer that body positivity goes both ways. Just because someone has a more “socially acceptable” body, it doesn’t give anyone the right to make comments. Nor can they disregard their insecurities. Nobody loves themselves 100% of the time, and that’s totally okay. 

Q: How did doing a retro pinup session affect how you feel about your body, your beauty and your sensuality?

Miss T: Doing a session further solidified all that self love and acceptance that I have been working on. I have a greater appreciation for my body just the way it is. Being a not-so-curvy girl I was worried my photos wouldn’t turn out like I’d hoped. Seeing myself through someone else’s lens really opened my eyes to the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We are often our own worst critic. Sensuality is not limited to a body type or size, and I needed that reminder. 

Ottawa PinUp Boudoir Photographer

Q: What were you worried about before your retro pinup session? What helped to overcome that?

Miss T: I was SO nervous about posing and facial expressions. As mentioned above I was worried how I would look because of my body type. With Suzanne’s guidance this was not even an issue. I felt so comfortable and confident the whole time. I honestly forgot about my insecurities even though they were all out in the open. 

Q: Tell me about your session day: How did you feel on your way over? What were your favorite parts of the retro pinup session? How did you feel on the way home?

Miss T: On the way over I was very nervous but also excited. The thought of being the center of attention all day was a little intimidating. My car stereo was definitely turned up to 11 to pump myself up..haha. When I got there, all those nerves went away thanks to Suzanne, Alison (my retro pinup hairstylist), and Ariana (my retro pinup makeup artist). My favourite part of the day was posing with my vinyl records collection. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’m glad I was able to incorporate it into my session. I was on a high the whole way home. I couldn’t believe I just did the thing that I had always wanted to do! 

Ottawa PinUp Boudoir Photographer

Q: What were you feeling when you saw your retro pinup photos at the viewing?

Miss T: I was stunned when I saw my photos! I couldn’t believe that was really me, but at the same time, I totally could. Suzanne captured me how I had always envisioned myself. It was such a good feeling. 

Q: Why did you decide to hire me as your retro pinup photographer?

Miss T: I had done a google search for retro pinup photographers in the area. Suzanne’s work stood out to me over the others, and after reading all the positive reviews I was sold. I have absolutely no regrets as she went above and beyond for me every step of the way. 

Q: If your friend were considering doing a retro pinup shoot, what would you say to encourage her?

Miss T: Absolutely go for it! The whole experience itself is worth it. You also get a keepsake that you will have for years to come. It’s a WIN-WIN situation, and YOU deserve it! 

Age: mid 20’s

Ottawa PinUp Boudoir Photographer
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