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At Je m’adore fine art portraits we believe that it is so important to properly prepare our clients before their portrait session, especially when it comes to boudoir sessions. We insist on meeting clients in person before the session so we can plan together the vision of the session and help guide our clients to properly prepare for their session. One of the most common misconceptions that women have about doing a boudoir session is that they have to have a beautifully tanned body. This couldn’t be further from the truth! PALE IS IN! And i’m not just saying that! We highly encourage our clients to avoid the sun, sunbeds, self-tanners, etc for a good reason — actually there are several reasons.

Here are some potential problems with having some added colour to your skin (whether it be sunkissed or by artificial means):

a) If you have a suntan and your lingerie (which is usually a lot skimpier than a swimsuit) doesn’t match up with your tanlines….  it might look a tad odd.

b) If you typically wear a one-piece swimsuit but want to wear a bra and panty set and your torso is pale but your limbs/face/back are tanned (or worse, sunburnt).. it WILL look odd!

c) “No problem, i’ll go nude and get a spray tan or apply a self-tanner in the privacy of my home!”  PLEASE NO!!!! Fake tans tend to photograph orange and it is very hard to avoid streaks and blotches… let alone get the palm of your hands or soles of your feet to look normal. Unless you’re going for the oompa loompa look, then please stay away!

d) Retouching tanlines and sunburns is not included in the retouching that we offer. It is very time-consuming and would cost extra.

With the beautiful natural light that spills into our Ottawa studio, your skin will look milky, smooth and beautiful. So for the love of gawwwd, stay away and slap on the sunscreen please!

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