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At je m’adore fine art portraits in Ottawa, we believe that everyone deserves to have a fabulous portrait of themselves. A beautiful work of art that not only you can enjoy but your loved ones too, not to mention generations to come! This brings me to meeting this beauty, Miss L, who came into my studio with the desire to look and feel glamourous. She wanted it for herself and to give to her husband as an anniversary gift. Even though we met previously at the consultation, it wasn’t until her session day that her last name rung a bell. I knew her last name was quite common, but I asked her anyway if she was related to a good friend of my parents (who I’d known along with his wife and family for years). It turns out they were cousins! Such a small world! It was a great joy to work with Miss L. Her beautiful blues are sparkled the whole time! And my girl, hair/makeup artist extraordinaire, Ariana Assadi, gave her a gorgeous makeover. Her lipstick colour choice was bold but oh, did it suit it! After viewing her proofs and ordering her favourites, I sent Miss L this questionnaire. Here is her post-session reactions to her experience:


Ottawa Glamour Beauty Boudoir Photography             Ottawa Glamour Beauty Boudoir Photography

Q: What’s going on in your life right now that motivated you to do a session?

Miss L: I think it was more or less my age. I’m 60 years old, not that I feel it, but this was on my bucket list and I have always wanted to look glamourous. I also decided to do this because one of the girls I work with had hers done and they looked AMAZING!!

Q: Besides beautiful photographs, what else did you hope to get out of the experience?
Miss L:  I was hoping it would increase my self-esteem.

Q: How long had you been considering doing a shoot before you booked yours? What was the final push? What did it feel like to finally book your session?
Miss L:  One of the girls I work with had a photo shoot done. They were so beautiful. I booked a photo shoot right away that same day she showed me hers. I also wanted to give a beautiful photo to my husband for our 19th anniversary and I thought this is perfect.


Ottawa Glamour Beauty Boudoir Photography


Q: Before your session, how would you describe your relationship with your body, your beauty and your sensuality?
Miss L: When i spoke to Suzanne about my photo shoot I thought I was to old to do this. Then Suzanne showed me pictures of women my age. The before and after photos and I was shocked!!! I am being very sincere when I say this.

Q: How did doing a session affect how you feel about your body, your beauty and your sensuality?
Miss L: It REALLY lifted my spirits!!!

Q: What were you worried about before your session? What helped to overcome that?
Miss L: My age and appearance. It was when I saw Suzanne’s website with the before and after photos.

Q: Tell me about your session day: How did you feel on your way over? What were your favorite parts? How did you feel on the way home?
Miss L:  I was really nervous on my way there. Worried I wouldn’t like the photos. There wasn’t one part I didn’t like. The hair, makeup and teaching me how to pose. I was grinning from ear to ear on my way home and kept looking at my self in the rear view mirror…


Ottawa Glamour Beauty Boudoir Photography


Q: What were you feeling when you saw your photos at the viewing?
Miss L: Overwhelmed I just didn’t know which ones to pick!

Q: Why did you decide to hire me as your photographer?
Miss L: Suzanne makes you feel very comfortable in her home. Pays attention to detail and is very professional. She is also a caring person.

Q: If your friend were considering doing a shoot, what would you say to encourage her?
Miss L:  I think all I  would have to do is show them my pictures and to look at her website!


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