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As an Ottawa boudoir photographer, I have the privilege and pleasure of meeting many incredible women. They sometimes come to my studio to celebrate a milestone in their lives or for something even deeper and more meaningful: to rediscover themselves as a woman. Miss T came to je m’adore fine art portraits with the desire to feel good about herself again — to feel beautiful and sexy — which is sometimes hard to do, especially when you’re a mom. Read about her experience in her own words:

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Q: What’s going on in your life right now that motivated you to do a session?
Miss T:  The kids are getting older, more independent and I realized that I had lost myself a bit in the process. Wanted to feel beautiful and sexy again.

Q: Besides beautiful photographs, what else did you hope to get out of the experience?
Miss T: Regain a bit of confidence that you loose after having 3 kids. Your body is never quite the same.

Q: How long had you been considering doing a shoot before you booked yours? What was the final push? What did it feel like to finally book your session?
Miss T: I’m not an impulsive person, but this decision was pretty impulsive. I made an appointment as soon as I thought about it. I did not want to loose my nerve!

Q: Before your session, how would you describe your relationship with your body, your beauty and your sensuality?
Miss T: It was… ok. There are always things that you are not happy with. After 3 children my body wasn’t doing too bad, it was more how I saw myself and how I felt. I didn’t feel as sexy. The years go by soooo fast. Here I am getting close to 50, my body is starting to break down.

Q: How did doing a session affect how you feel about your body, your beauty and your sensuality?
Miss T: It helped me feel good about myself again. That I can be beautiful and sexy still!


Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Q: What were you worried about before your session? What helped to overcome that?
Miss T:  I was worried that I would not be great at posing and that I would be disappointed with the results.

Q: Tell me about your session day: How did you feel on your way over? What were your favorite parts? How did you feel on the way home?
Miss T: I felt very nervous… I almost cancelled! I had lost my nerve since there is a bit of a wait time between the decision of doing the session and actually going through with it. I had to convince myself many times: it’s OK to step out of the box!

Q: What were you feeling when you saw your photos at the viewing?
Miss T: Wow! I was amazed at how good I looked. You feel awkward during the session because of the way you need to stand, etc. but Suzanne makes you feel so comfortable.

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer     Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Q: Why did you decide to hire me as your photographer?
Miss T:  I liked what I saw online (on your website). The style of pictures you took spoke to me.

Q: If your friend were considering doing a shoot, what would you say to encourage her?
Miss T: Go for it! It is worth every dime!!! You’ll never see yourself the same way again… in a good way, of course!

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

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