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As an Ottawa Boudoir Photographer, I have had the honour of meeting many photographers in my lifetime. I have mentioned my friend Jen Rozenbaum a few times on my je m’adore fine art portraits Facebook page and my blog here — not only how incredibly inspiring she is but also how she photographed me in my Ottawa boudoir studio a few years ago. When I heard that THE Jen Rozenbaum was coming to Ottawa to teach a boudoir photography workshop, I was one of the first to sign up. I had followed and admired her work for years and watched her religiously on Creative Live and YouTube. Then I thought to myself… wouldn’t it be awesome to be photographed by this AMAZING boudoir photographer? Wouldn’t it be great to see how she works within my studio space? So I emailed Jen about hiring her for a boudoir session while she was in town. She said “absolutely!”. When she came to my boudoir studio, I was incredibly nervous! But the nerves soon disappeared. We spent the afternoon chatting, laughing and bonding. It was fantastic! When you photograph someone in a boudoir session, you can’t help feeling vulnerable but you soon create a bond with your photographer – a bond you will never forget. We had dinner that same night and a friendship was born. I am honoured to be Jen’s friend and to have had with that experience with her. I didn’t care that I didn’t remember anything about how she directed me, how she used my space, how she posed me, etc. All that I remember was how incredible I felt afterwards and how I have the gorgeous images that I will treasure always!

When she did a Tedx Talk about empowering women through photography a few years ago, I was quite honoured to have been mentioned and have some of the images she took of me be part of her presentation (yup, that’s me in the thumbnail preview!!). It is only by appearing in front of the lens ourselves can we truly understand vulnerability and how our clients feel…. but the end result is TOTALLY worth it. But it’s more than just pretty images, so much more! It’s a feeling. It’s an EXPERIENCE.

Listen to the stories of the women she has met and photographed by clicking on the YouTube link in the preview image below.

Ottawa Boudoir PhotographyOttawa Boudoir Photographer

Photo credit: Jen Rozenbaum Jenerations


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