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What is Boudoir? Boudoir is a style of photography that shows focuses on being sexy but is more sensual than our other styles. It does not necessarily have to include nudity — it can be whatever you want it to be (in fact, “implied” nudity is usually sexier since it lets the imagination run wild. You can wear whatever makes you feel fabulous – sexy lingerie, your man’s dress shirt, or a pair of jeans. The end result will be SEXY, yet tastefully elegant!

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I am a portrait photographer, a mother, a wife, a chocoholic and most importantly a woman. I started my portrait studio with the desire to empower women and celebrate all the many things we can be. My goal is to not only capture amazing portraits of women, but to empower you to explore all the ways they see themselves...

The Process


We start with an in-person consultation at the studio to get to know each other and establish that initial bond.  Together we discuss ideas and thoughts about what you want to achieve with your personalized session. 


Your day begins with you being a star!  Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be a model in a major photo shoot?  Once you arrive you will be whisked away to prepare.  After slipping on a satin robe and given a light refreshment of your choice we will meet to go over the plan.  Together we will go through the wardrobe you brought, choose your best looks, and discuss the specifics of your session with a visual storyboard created especially for you. 

For boudoir and glamour clients, Ariana (our amazing contemporary makeup/hair artist) will pamper you in-studio with the most glamorous makeover (complete with lashes). For our retro pinup clients, Alison (our retro hair/makeup artist extraordinaire) will transform you into a bombshell vixen at her nearby salon.


On your reveal day (generally about a week after your session) you will come back to the studio to review your proofs.  To continue your “star” status and get an initial perspective you will be shown an incredible music video slideshow before we move to the individual review process. Proofs are lightly retouched, but all ordered images will be fully retouched (including, when applicable, removal of blemishes/scars/bruises/stretch marks; softening of skin/wrinkles/dark circles and smoothing body lines).

The experience is not complete without one of our luxurious products to commemorate your time with us. Whether it's a fine art book or a framed print for your wall. Our product lines include high-quality prints, wall portraits, gallery art canvas, and fine art books. I offer easy payment plans that make this experience accessible to anyone who truly wants the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I don’t know how to model. I am a plus size gal with curves and all…. is this really for me?

A:  Of course you can! It’s not about size, it’s about confidence & attitude. We’ll glam you up with hair & makeup, you’ll throw on an outfit to strut in & bring out your inner goddess!

Q:  How do I prepare for the session? Is there a consultation?

A:  Yes! We offer FREE consultations. We will decide as a team what kind of look you want and plan accordingly. We will give you tips on what to bring and how to prepare for your session.

Q:  Will my images be retouched?

A:  All images that are ordered are fully retouched as little or as much as you want. This includes removing any blemishes/scars, softening wrinkles, whitening teeth and giving you glowing skin!  Whatever you desire, your images will be polished to help you look your very best!

Q:  I want to do this as a surprise gift for my special someone. How far in advance should I book?

A:  Photo Sessions are normally booked at least 2 months in advance, especially if the finished product is for a Christmas, Valentine’s or birthday gift.  Bookings for Christmas should be made in October and for Valentine’s Day in December or early January.

Q: What is your privacy policy? What if I do not want my images shown on your website/blog? 

A: At your viewing appointment, we will discuss specifically which images can and cannot be used by me for the following uses: website blog, website gallery, Facebook, marketing, etc. If, for professional or personal reasons, you do not wish to have your images shown online, then we will make an amendment to the model release contract that stipulates that. My clients' privacy is very important to me and I will not publish any images without signed permission by the client first.