5 Themes To Try for Your Next Pin-Up Session

Your pin-up session is an incredible opportunity to unleash your sexy beast and discover just how amazing that can make you both look and feel. Some women find that it’s even more exciting to come into their pin-up session with a theme in mind: something that will help guide the session and keep them feeling their best throughout. Are you ready to dive in with your next pin-up session? Try some of these great theme ideas:

1. Military Theme

Military Girl Ottawa Pin Up PhotographyOttawa's best Pin Up Photography StudioPin Up Military Girl

Does your beloved serve in the military? Do you serve in the military? Even if you don’t have a uniform of your own or one that you can borrow, there are some stunning shots that you can take wearing just a uniform top or a sexy version of a military uniform. Pose with a gun or sprawl across the bed in your favorite pair of heels and a jacket or shirt. Pose with your medals or unit insignia. Prop your feet up and show off those combat boots: it’s a unique kind of sexy, and it’s one that you can’t wait to embrace.

With your military-themed pin-up session, you’ll get some incredible images that you’ll love showing off. Put a sexy spin on the things you love doing most and show off your unique style and flair!


2. Dress Up Like a Hollywood Starlet

Hollywood Star Pin Up PortraitOttawa Hollywood PortraitHollywood Star Pin Up ExperienceHollywood Star Pin Up Experience

You’ve always wanted to be a star—and now is your time to shine! Imagine the sexy, suggestive poses that your favorite stars take on a regular basis. Do you want to show off your unique sense of style in a feather boa? Pose on your very own “star” to show off just what a star you are?

In your Hollywood Starlet shoot, you’ll pay utmost attention to your hair and makeup, then pose like you’re on the red carpet or walking down a runway. Your bright smile will outshine the stars as you become the star you were always meant to be.


3. Librarian/Teacher

Quiet Librarian Themed Pin Up Sessionbeautiful blonde women in a classroom

Have you always wanted to be a sexy teacher, standing at the front of the classroom and giving instructions that everyone jumps to follow? Whether you want to pose with a stack of books, hang out at the chalkboard, or simply dress up in your prim and proper best (with a few sexy alterations), you can put together an incredible pinup shoot with an amazing teacher theme. Unbutton your shirt a little more than absolutely necessary, tousle your hair, and give your best smile to the camera as you pout, pose, and give the illusion that you’re ready to send someone to a very private detention.

During your pin-up shoot as a teacher, you’ll look and feel your best as you imagine some of your fantasies come to life—or bring to life a sexier version of your reality. There are plenty of people who know full well just how sexy teachers can be, and through your sexy teacher shoot, you’ll show off exactly how true that is in your life.


4. 50’s Diner

tattooed waitress holding a sundae

Working as a waitress might not feel like the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, but when you bring a diner theme to your pin-up shoot, you can bring sexy to the diner. Put together a theme that starts with a sexy waitress outfit. You can pose with your favorite foods, show off your pad and pen, or tuck that pen in your hair for a tousled, end of the day look that will be sure to bring smiles and invite attention.

During your diner-themed shoot, you’ll get to lean on the counters at your seductive best. Have you ever wished you could show your sexy best to the customers who came through as you were waiting tables? During your diner-themed pin-up shoot, you’ll be to do exactly that. Lean across the table, prop up on the counter, and strut your stuff. During this sexy photo shoot, you don’t have to button your collar up to the top or make sure that your skirt isn’t a few inches too short. Instead, you’ll be able to show off all of your best assets with flair and style—and you’ll get to display them for anyone who visits your home.


5. Rosie the Riveter

Do you want to take your pin-up shoot straight out of history? Rosie the Riveter is an amazing theme that will help you feel sexy and in charge while helping you recreate an important piece of history. The iconic “We Can Do It!” message dates back to WWII, but it’s an important message in your own life, as well.

What is it that you’ve done that you never imagined you could accomplish? Did you meet your dreams? Leap an obstacle that you never thought you could leap?

Do you simply want to bring that “We Can Do It!” attitude to the rest of your life—perhaps by creating stunning images of you in this iconic outfit, taking the iconic pose, that you can hang in your home and take a look at any time you begin to doubt yourself?

If you’re looking for a shoot straight out of history, bringing forward the mood of the era along with those classic images, Rosie the Riveter is a great way to go—and you’ll be sure to fall in love with the results all over again.


Are you ready for your sexy pin-up shoot? Whether you’ve fallen in love with one of these ideas or you have a theme of your own that you’d like to try, contact me today to start discussing your session. I’ll work with you to develop a theme that reflects you: your interests, your personality, and your inner strength. We’ll bring out your unique kind of sexy, showing off the incredible elements that make you who you are.

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